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Restored with supervision 1979 FJ43 Toyota Land Cruiser

Restored with supervision 1979 FJ43 Toyota Land Cruiser

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This FJ43 is currently for sale on Bring A Trailer. We’ve marked it “out of stock” for the auction. But it is available on BAT

Up for sale is a local’s 1979 FJ43. The vehicle was restored in Colombia under unique circumstances as the owner (an employee of the US government) was physically present in Colombia for the restoration. Those of you who are familiar with restorations from South America know that it’s very difficult to know exactly what you are going to get when purchasing a vehicle form there. We’ve seen relatively nice ones, ranging through complete horror story piles of sh*t coming from south of the boarder, so it’s important to know what you are getting into when considering one.

This FJ43 has a few small issues (identified in the description), but with the owner knowing the Land Cruiser and the culture, he was able to oversee the build to prevent many of the common shortcuts you see on rigs like this. On top of that, the vehicle has been state-side for a few years, and has been proven around the roads and trails in Western Colorado.

The owner’s description and contact information are below. Enjoy!


*NOTE To purchase this vehicle, please contact the owner at the email below, or call the shop and we will arrange the purchase.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Seller is offering a 1979 Toyota FJ-43 Land Cruiser which was originally imported into Colombia in January of 1981.  Seller purchased this vehicle in Bogota, Colombia in April of 2017 becoming the fifth owner. Copy of original importation certificate documenting original frame and motor numbers.  This Land Cruiser underwent a six-month frame off restoration with 95% of new parts being purchased from either a USA based Toyota dealership or another reputable company.  Seller personally oversaw the restoration insisting and supplying the necessary in OEM replacement parts as often as possible.   When acquired by the seller, the motor had very little leakage, good compression and appeared to be reliable. No internal restoration was done on the motor.  Considering this is a 43-year-old vehicle, it has very minor leakage (oil drain plug) and little bit of a personality (parking brake is not the best).  Vehicle burns a little oil that is apparent with blue smoke in the exhaust when first started.  Spark plugs were replaced by the seller in 2020 and an inspection of the old plugs (I still have them) by Proffitt's Resurrection mechanic noted no fowling or significant clues of any pending problems.  Seller has extensive files available of all the parts that were replaced on this vehicle during the restoration. Seller drove the vehicle several hundred miles in Colombia working out imperfections with the restoration mechanic.  Upon arrival to Colorado, this vehicle received a bumper-to-bumper inspection at Proffit's Resurrection to get rid of any short cuts that often come with vehicles that have been restored in South America.  Since importing the vehicle to Colorado, the seller has accumulated more that 6,000 miles of city and off-road time in this vehicle.  This is a weekend vehicle for the seller and this FJ has proven itself extremely reliable, tackling some of Western Colorado most prized high mountain passes (Engineer, California, Imogene and Black Bear).  This vehicle is a true joy to drive and a conversation starter with strangers anytime you are on the road.  This vehicle has been kept in a garage and starts up every time with no choke and two presses of the gas pedal.  Vehicle comes with two soft tops and a bikini top.  Vehicle was easily registered in Colorado, but keep in mind it has NO SMOG equipment.  I have been told this vehicle, as is, it not legal in CA.  So please be sure of the registration requirements where you are. Vehicle was restored to its original specifications, no power steering, no heater or AC, 4 speed manual transmission with drum brakes.  Oil and filter replaced annually.  All key components were either refurbished or completely replaced to include a complete re-wiring of the electrical system.  Fuel and air filter replaced last year.  Selling this vehicle is a difficult decision as it is truly a joy to own and drive. That being said, the seller hopes to find a buyer who will care for and enjoy this vehicle like he has. I have heard many stories from people who had a Land Cruiser many years ago and regretted getting rid of it.  This is a unique opportunity to get one that has gone through a frame off restoration at a reasonable price.  There are many things about this vehicle I am probably forgetting to mention.  If you have any specific questions, want to see more photos of the restoration, proof of ownership paper work, importation paper work etc.,  please email bill at:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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